Tatuaggi was founded in 1998, a year after the respective brand was conceived.

The business was launched and tailored with the purpose to fill a gap that existed in the market of those days, through the creation of a medium/high quality product with a competitive price.

Back then, footwear made in Portugal was not yet praised for its design, innovation and quality. Taking that into account, an Italian-sounding name was deliberately chosen for the company, with the intent to associate it with the widely acknowledged excellence of the transalpine shoemaking industry.

Through time, Tatuaggi has progressed to attain new quality standards. Presently, it is dedicated to the production of high-quality footwear.


The decision of taking the name Tatuaggi – which literally means “tattoos” – is explained through the fact that, just like a tattoo, a pair of shoes can represent one’s identity. Rather than being an additional piece of clothing, it consists of an ornamental fashion accessory which discloses much about the character and personality of the lady who wears it.


Tatuaggi has always endeavored to combine design, innovation, comfort and ecological concerns.

Given the fact that Tatuaggi is a company of the world, it is crucial that it evolves along with fashion and innovation.

This is why there is a dedicated development department, making continuous research to spot the latest developments in the industry, so that the brand keeps up with every relevant improvement on what design, materials or technology is concerned.

Moreover, the use of ecological and biodegradable materials is a key aspect of Tatuaggi footwear, with a view to minimize its environmental impact.