At Tatuaggi, customers are viewed as partners. Therefore, commercial bonds lay upon key pillars, such as seriousness, integrity, ethics, focus and commitment.

As a result, communication is open, straightforward and fluid. Our professionals willingly offer frank advise and practical suggestions whenever necessary, either based on our technical expertise or on the knowledge we may have about the target markets. By taking such initiative, we try to address the customer's requests, without losing sight of the final consumer's needs and desires.


Tatuaggi has always been concerned with the planet’s sustainability, being sensitive to the Environmental Protection cause and pro-actively seeking to establish partnerships with certified suppliers that share the same view and concerns.

Following the evolution of the industry, Tatuaggi promotes socially responsible behavior, trying to convey a message of change along the entire supply chain.

The company's dedication to this cause goes to the smallest detail, from the traceability of raw materials of animal origin up to the monitoring of the chemical substances that are used on the production, transformation or finishing processes they are submitted to.


Tatuaggi assumes the responsibility of training its own employees. Their age usually ranges from 20 to 60 years old at the moment of recruitment.

With the aim to preserve the legacy, know-how and philosophy of an old generation, an effort is made so that younger workers may learn how to build a shoe in an artisanal way from the beginning to the end of the process, which gives them a panoramic overview allowing them to understand how the production process unfolds. By means of this training program, they come to interact with fellow-workers in a more effective way and they also become more versatile, which improves the articulation of the entire team and ensures the efficiency of the production process.


Tatuaggi’s products stand out for their unique handmade look and touch. This is achieved by masterfully combining the use of the most advanced machinery with artisanal skills and expertise. Despite the added value of technology, at Tatuaggi we still believe that, on what achieving top quality is concerned, nothing can replace the human hand.