About us

Tatuaggi is a footwear manufacturing company which promotes Portuguese industry worldwide by exporting 99% of its production. The business is based in the city of São João da Madeira, which is widely known for its extensive and deep-rooted tradition in the shoemaking industry.

All products manufactured by Tatuaggi uphold a distinctive fashion pattern that was developed throughout over twenty years of activity. The brand’s concept and design mirror the self-concept of a wide variety of consumers, conveying an image they easily identify with.


The mission of Tatuaggi is focused on satisfying the demands of the market. Since the company sells its products all over the world, it aims to supply footwear covering several fashion trends. This involves the continuous creation of new collections that address the needs and wants of both its customers and the final consumers.

Tatuaggi aims to provide a faultless quality of service to its customers, delivering orders within deadlines and communicating in a fluid and responsive manner, thus giving a positive contribution to its customers' reputation and profitability.


Varying from small retailers to big importers, Tatuaggi's customers are literally spread all over the world, some of which coming from distant locations such as Canada, Iceland, China, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa. At Tatuaggi, each customer is viewed and treated as a friend. Often, the bond that is established between the two parties goes much beyond business dealings.

Even though 50% of Tatuaggi’s production capacity is fully dedicated to products that are sold with its own brand, the company allows room for some customers to develop their private label collections, which are often based on Tatuaggi’s groundwork and then partially adapted to their own target markets.

Such an open interchange of ideas has allowed the company to build and preserve fruitful partnerships and lasting relationships through time, ever since its foundation.