• Tradition

    The perfect convergence

    between first-class

    and cutting-edge technology.

  • Comfort

    The perfect balance between

    design and comfort.

  • Versatility

    An all-embracing collection providing a diversified

    offer that ranges from sandals to high boots.

About us

Tatuaggi is a footwear manufacturing company which promotes Portuguese industry worldwide by exporting 99% of its production. The factory is based in the city of São João da Madeira, which is widely known for its extensive and deep-rooted tradition in the shoemaking industry.

Our products

Tatuaggi’s products stand out for their handmade look and touch. This is achieved by masterfully combining the use of the most advanced machinery with artisanal skills and expertise.



Tatuaggi has always been concerned with the planet’s sustainability, being sensitive to the Environmental Protection cause and pro-actively seeking to establish partnerships with suppliers that share the same view and concerns.


Tatuaggi assumes the responsibility of training its own employees. Their age usually ranges from 20 to 60 years old at the moment of recruitment.


Despite the added value of technology, at Tatuaggi we still believe that, on what achieving top quality is concerned, nothing can replace the human hand.


Tatuaggi was founded in 1998, a year after the respective brand was conceived.

Through time, Tatuaggi has progressed to attain new quality standards. Presently, it is dedicated to the production of high-quality footwear.


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