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Tatuaggi is a footwear manufacturing company which promotes Portuguese industry worldwide by exporting 100% of its production. The business is based in the city of São João da Madeira, which is widely known for its extensive and deep-rooted tradition in the shoemaking industry.

All products manufactured by Tatuaggi uphold a distinctive fashion pattern developed throughout fifteen years of activity. The brand’s concept and design mirror the self-concept of a wide variety of consumers, conveying an image they easily identify with.

Relying on the labor of 220 employees, its three factory units combined have a daily production capacity of about 2.000 pairs. Half of such capacity is fully dedicated to shoes and boots that carry the Tatuaggi brand, while the other half is absorbed by prestigious private label collections.


Tatuaggi was founded in 1998, a year after the respective brand was conceived.

The business was launched and tailored with the purpose to fill a gap that existed in the market of those days, through the creation of a medium/high quality product with a competitive price.

Back then, footwear made in Portugal was not yet praised for its design, innovation and quality. Taking that into account, an Italian-sounding name was deliberately chosen for the company, with the intent to associate it with the widely acknowledged excellence of the transalpine shoemaking industry.

The decision of taking the name Tatuaggi – which literally means “tattoos” – is explained through the fact that, just like a tattoo, a pair of shoes can represent one’s identity. Rather than being an additional piece of clothing, it consists of an ornamental fashion accessory which discloses much about the character and personality of the lady who wears it.

Through time, Tatuaggi has progressed to attain new quality standards. Presently, it is dedicated to the production of high quality footwear only.


The mission of Tatuaggi is focused on satisfying the demands of the market. Since the company sells its products all over the world, it aims to supply suitable footwear for several fashion trends. This involves the continuous creation of new collections that address the needs of both the direct customer and the final consumer.

The protection of the brand and its clients’ profitability is a prime concern of a company that always aims to combine refined design with a faultless quality of service, delivering orders within deadlines and communicating in a timely manner.

Tatuaggi brings fashion and comfort together, enhancing the beauty and style of women around the globe.


Tatuaggi assumes the responsibility of training its own employees, whose age usually ranges from 20 to 60 years old at the moment of recruitment. With the aim to preserve the legacy and philosophy of an old generation, an effort is made so that the younger workers may learn how to build a shoe manually from the beginning to the end of the process.

Staff members are never selected according to their age, gender or nationality. Rather, it is one’s competence, behavioral flexibility and willingness to absorb the spirit within the Tatuaggi family that determines whether he qualifies or not to join the company.

Regardless of their role, all those who belong to the team of Tatuaggi understand that they work with a common purpose in view which can only be attained by means of a fluid interconnection and strong unity.


Tatuaggi is proud to claim that 100% of its products are designed and manufactured in Portugal, inside its very facilities, and exported to the whole world. It is unthinkable to picture the company otherwise, since it is determined to live up to such policy.

The attitude of Tatuaggi towards its customers is significantly based on seriousness. Whenever a buyer expresses the wish to acquire a type of product which does not fit its philosophy, image or target needs, thus compromising the commercial potential of its business, Tatuaggi’s professionals readily provide practical advice, even if the suggestion of aborting the purchase is involved. This implies that the company does not sell footwear indiscriminately. Rather, its main goal is to plainly satisfy the final consumer and to keep him attached to Tatuaggi’s customers.

Regardless of its dimension or the amount of shoe pairs it buys, each client is dealt with in the same manner and addressed with absolute impartiality.

The fact that Tatuaggi does not generate competition to its customers within the market demonstrates that the company respects them and allows room for their fraction of profit to be obtained.


Resulting from a perfect convergence between first-class handcraft and high-tech, Tatuaggi products stand out for their handmade look and touch, though achieved by means of the most advanced machinery.

Tatuaggi shoes and boots are easily recognized by their refined design, fine quality and unique finishing. Some of the styles are also characterized by unusual combinations of materials, but they never prevent the consumer from experiencing an outstanding level of comfort.

Considering the fact that it possesses several mono-brand stores, Tatuaggi continually conceives all-embracing collections that aim to satisfy the needs and wants of a wide variety of women. Relying on its proficiency and know-how, the production structure of the company is flexible enough to embrace several types of shoes and boots: from seaside to countryside, from casual to dressy, from innovative eco-friendly to highly technical aviation footwear. Such versatility has been a major pillar of Tatuaggi’s success, as it guarantees a widespread variety of proposals, all of them attaining the high quality level that is a common and distinctive feature of the brand’s products.


Tatuaggi has always endeavored to combine design, innovation, comfort and ecological concerns.

The company has assigned a specific department with the task to make continuous research on the latest developments regarding design, materials and technology, so that the brand may always keep up with every relevant improvement in the industry. Given the fact that Tatuaggi is a company of the world, it is fundamental that it evolves along with fashion and innovation.

One of the ongoing ground-breaking projects of the company is related to the development and manufacture of aviation footwear, which is particularly complex because of the technical skills and exclusive materials it demands.

Additionally, the employment of ecological and biodegradable materials is a primary feature of Tatuaggi footwear, with a view to minimize its environmental impact.


Varying from small retailers to great importers, the customers of Tatuaggi are literally spread all over the world, throughout such extreme locations as Canada, Iceland, China, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa. Each client is viewed and treated as a friend, with empathy. The bond that is established between the two parties goes much beyond business dealings.

Even though 50% of Tatuaggi’s production capacity is fully dedicated to products that are sold with its very brand, the company allows room for some customers to develop their own private label collections, which are often based on Tatuaggi’s groundwork and then partially adapted to their own target markets.

Such an open interchange of ideas and thoughts has allowed the company to preserve lasting relationships through time, since its foundation.


The international presence of Tatuaggi becomes rather evident when one goes through the list of international prestigious fairs where the company exposes its collections on a regular basis: MICAM (Milan, Italy), EXPO RIVA SCHUH (Garda, Italy), MODACALZADO (Madrid, Spain), GDS (Düsseldorf, Germany), OBUV MIR KOZHI (Moscow, Russia), MOTEXHA (Dubai), ROOMS (Tokyo, Japan), FASHION ACCESS (Hong Kong, China), CHINA SHOETEC (Dongguan, China), COURO MODA (São Paulo, Brazil), AYMOD (Istanbul, Turkey) among others.

Often praised by the specialized media, Tatuaggi also organizes private collection presentations and participates in strategic fashion shows held in various locations around the world.


For five consecutive years, Tatuaggi has been granted a prestigious award as PME Líder (Leader SME). Such distinction is exclusively addressed to companies that stand out due to their exceptional work performance and weighty contribution for the development of national economy.

This achievement has only been possible because of the high level of organization and precision that characterizes the production process in Tatuaggi, along with the dedication and willingness of all employees of the company. Knowing that the personal motivation and satisfaction of each worker are pillars of success, Tatuaggi ensures that its team members enjoy a measure of freedom and flexibility in the fulfillment of their role, always acknowledging deeds and efforts. Such attitude contributes to the stability of the team, which adds consistency to the company itself.



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